10 things about me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

...at first i want to thank
mairylicious who tagged me ...and now i have to share things (10 actually) about me!!!!!!
are you ready ????????

  1. i have 2 eldest brothers: Constantinos (27 years old) and George (24 years old)...so i'm the little one in my family!!!!
  2. i have one lovely dog, 2 years old and 2 months...named SPOT...because of tone black spot
    which have in his head!!!!is soooo cute!!!!!
  3. i'm in love with my boyfriend, George for 5 years.....:D
  4. i started BALLET when i was 3,5 years old...and i stopped it when i became 18 years old!!!i regret that..:( !!!
  5. i have a passion with CRAFTS and HANDMADE things!!! i wish one day to open my own store!!!!what a dream...
  6. i'm really afraid of airplanes so i don't like a window seat!!!even though i have flew 4 times!!!!!
  7. i like to read SPANISH books!!!Hola!!!!!
  8. my favourite rock band is : ΗΙΜ (i've seen them 4 times in Athens)
  9. i have 6 lessons left to take my degree...
  10. this year i started to drink coffee....also i'm obsessed with coca-cola....


Mairyliscious said...

i hate coca cola and i love the seat with window in the aeroplane!
interesting things dear!
how lovely you are in love for 5 years soo o o o o o o sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tonia fashion tour said...

thank youuuuuuu...
haha..ta aditheta ...e????

K@terina B. said...

MAJOR COCA-COLA ADDICT MYSELF...kapoia stigmi nomiza oti otidipote fagwsimo borei na ginei nostimo an pineis coca-cola on the side...!!! 5 YEARS?? ...kala stefana.. :P :P

tonia fashion tour said...

kai egw to idio!!!!haha...nomizw oti tha kataliksw se kentro apotoksinwsis me atoma ethismena sin coca-cola!!!!
kala stefana e???hehe..:PPPP
you too!!!

Bella said...

Such a great post, you're so adorable!
It's always fun learning all these little day-to-day tidbits! xxx

tonia fashion tour said...

thank you Bella!!!you're sooo kind!!
kisses xxx

Katerina said...

I am obsessed with coffee!!!!elpizo na e8isteis k esy na ginoume poloi!!xaxa!!!ego den exo mpei pote se aeroplano k tremo sthn idea k mono!!!mprrrr....

nicola ticola ponders said...


I've left you 2 awards on my blog :-)

nicola xx