Summer Top 5 - Part 1

All the clothes in the Top 5 are in my wish list..
Let's start ...

-  You can combine her with loose t-shirts OR cropped tops.

-  Printed OR not, cropped tops are the perfect solution for shorts.

-  Bright  green, orange, blue, fuchsia and yellow  are   
   must colors for the Summer.
   Don't be afraid to combine with each other.

- Maxi dress always reminds me Summer time.
  Put your flat sandals and accessories and you ready for
  summer walks.

-   We wore it very much this winter, i'm sure we'll wear it all    
    summer in clothes, shoes and accessories.


CMB said...

i've been meaning to buy a maxi skirt but haven't found the perfect one yet. you are so pretty by the way!! :)

Ira Velychko said...

i want #1, 3, 4, and 5 :)
i see topshop has some really cute clothes. i should check it out

Diana said...

very nice blog!

Stacy said...

love it all


love and youth said...

you have the same things on your shopping list as me! especially the maxi, cropped top and colour!! x

margaret cruzemark said...

I will follow 3 and 5 for this summer. I love colors but nude can get you to another level.
miss Margaret Cruzemark

Irini L. said...

αααααχχχ για εμάς με την κοιλίτσα δεν είναι και η καλύτερη λύση το crop top....αχχχχχ

Marie said...

nude= big love!! alla kai ola ta pop colors einai idanika gia kalokairi!