Garnier Ambre Solaire Golden Protect - Preview


             The truth is that Summer is close (yeah), so yesterday Garnier sent me                                             the new Ambre Solaire Golden Protect shimmering lotion SPF 30. 

More details :
            - Is enriched with nourishing Monoi oil and a luminous pearl shimmer.
          - This non-greasy lotion leaves an irresistible holiday fragrance on your skin.    
          - Advanced UVA + UVB protection with photostability
          - Your skin is protected , nourished and hydrated for a golden-looking tan.

                                                          Also this amazing hat was inside the package 


                                                                             Happy Weekend

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myStickland said...

Eίναι στη wish list μου,αυτό το προ'ι'όν..Πρέπει να είναι τέλειο,ε;
Και το καπέλο..super!!

Francesca Romana Capizzi said...

Oh i want to try this product too!!
Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

Kim said...

I've heard it's good stuff!


Lauren said...

The hat! <3 xo


Regina said...

I have used it now allready 3 weeks on holiday in Thailand, and it's a brilliant product. It works very good, it smells good and the pearl shimmer is a nice bonus. I hope they gone use the pearl shimmer also in other body products...