Kerastase Cristalliste - Preview

                      2 days ago i received the new line of  Kerastase  '' Cristalliste '' with
                                            compex Liquid light and i have to say that i'm thrilled.
                                    Ι tried them once until now and the truth is that i saw difference.
                                        The whole line gives crystal sparkle and light effect on hair.

                                                              Let's see together the products :

                                                                      1.  Bain Cristal 
                                             Shampoo for deep cleansing and crystal shine.                                                  
                                                                 Especially for long and thick hair.

                                                               2. Liquid Lumiere serum 
                                                Serum for irresistible shine and protection from frizz

                                                                3.  Lait Cristal  
                                                     Conditioner for free and silky hair.

                                  (If you have already tried them tell me your opinion and the results)
                                                     I love them!
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Lilli said...

they must be very good, love Kerastare products!:) xoxo

Raech @ ❤ilvoeshopping❤ said...

Havent tried it yet, but i love to try Kerastase products. I'm sure Ill be hunting them down. :)


evi said...

bravo stin kerastase!
panta exei apsoga proionta

VιcκyBeL said...

tha ithela polu na ta dokimasw:)
exw parei palaiotera proionta kerastase kai emeina eyxaristimeni:)



Zoi said...

Teleia...poso poso zileuw!

Anonymous said...

τις τιμές τους μπορούμε να τις μάθουμε;

tonia fashion tour said...

Αρχικά τα προϊόντα Kerastase τα βρίσκετε αποκλειστικά στα κομμωτήρια!
Το σαμπουάν είναι στα 16,00 ευρώ, το conditioner στα 21,00 και το serum στα 23,00!!


Kayli said...

it has to be good from Kerastase! Forgot what it was called, but i was using the yellow/orange one for long time!! gotta try this new one, too~~

P.S love u blog! >w<//

Ana, HendayeStyle said...

I havent tried it...