Glambition - bracelets

                                                             News :    The Glambition collection is here..

                                                             You might have seen them in many blogs and sites.
                                                           The reason why is that are so fashionable and unique.
                                            The name of designer is Eleftheria Papadaki and she's from Thessaloniki.
                                            She decided to create her first jewelry collection because she always liked 
                                                           to watch  fashion and observe everything related to it.
                                            Her collection includes bracelets in bright summer colors like pink and light  
                                                   green while the materials used are metal threads and satin fabric.
                                                                               Prices starts at 6 euro and reach 10.
                                                                                              How cool is that?

                                                      More info :   6983411976, eleutheriapapadaki@gmail.com