Say goodbye to stretch marks

What are stretch marks?

Stretch marks are narrow scars that appear on the surface of the skin[1]. They develop when the skin is stretched over a considerably short period of time, such as during pregnancy and puberty, or as a cause of rapid weight gain[2].

When skin is stretched, the middle layer of skin (the dermis) that is made from elastin and collagen fibres which help keep our skin strong and stretchy, breaks in places and causes the skin layers underneath to become more visible[3]. This is what we can see when a stretch mark becomes apparent. Most women find that they develop stretch marks on their tummy and their upper thighs[4] as this is where usually tends to store[5].

How do I get rid of stretch marks?

Unfortunately, without resorting to drastic surgery, stretch marks are extremely difficult to remove from our skin completely[6].

Looking after your skin and regularly moisturising can minimise your likelihood of developing stretch marks. A daily moisturising routine can help to improve your circulation and encourage new tissue growth[7], helping to prevent your dermis from breaking and stretch marks occurring. Eating a healthy, balanced diet and avoiding rapid weight gain or loss is also a great way to keep stretch marks at bay[8].

Once your skin has stretch marks, they will never completely fade naturally. However, after a while stretch marks will turn to a silvery colour and tend to become less noticeable[9].

If you want to cover your stretch marks up quickly then fortunately there are products out there to help minimise their appearance without intrusive and expensive surgery.

Johnson’s Skin Perfecting Oil is clinically proven to help visibly reduce stretch marks in just 4 weeks[10]. Enriched with a blend of natural oils and vitamins to moisturise and soothe the skin, Johnson’s Skin Perfecting Oil improves the skin’s overall condition and helps to reduce the appearance of stretch marks by intensely moisturising and nourishing the skin when used twice a day.

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