Will The Great Gatsby be the cinematic experience of 2013?

Not excited about the first instalment of Peter Jackson’s interpretation of The Hobbit?
Had enough of The Twilight Saga and won’t be queuing up for the final part of
Breaking Dawn? Well, there might still be a cinematic event for you in the new year.

Baz Luhrmann’s long-awaited vision of The Great Gatsby, originally scheduled for
a Christmas release, will now premiere in May 2013. Luhrmann is best known for
his modern Shakespearean update Romeo + Juliet in the nineties, and for bringing
together Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor in Moulin Rouge! In 2001. Oh, and that
one-hit-wonder about sunscreen.

Having covered Shakespeare, Luhrmann is no stranger to literary classics. Based on
F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic American novel—perhaps the Great American Novel—
his new film stars Leonardo DiCaprio as the eponymous “great” Jay Gatsby. Leo
is joined by Luhrmann’s fellow Australians Joel Edgerton and Isla Fisher as Tom
Buchanan and Myrtle Wilson respectively.

When Luhrmann revealed his plan to film The Great Gatsby, much debate
surrounded the pivotal role of Daisy Buchanan. The usual suspects were bandied
about: Natalie Portman, Keira Knightley and Scarlett Johansson to name but a few.
However, eventually the role went to British starlet and acclaimed actress, Carey
Mulligan, last seen in 2011’s critically-lauded films Drive and Shame.

So with a cast like this, a budget of $127,000,000 and all shot in 3-D, the Long
Island-shot film is no doubt going to be visually stunning. And, with a soundtrack
including tracks by Prince and Lady Gaga, you know that a treat is in store for all
your senses.

The costumes are surely going to be drop dead gorgeous as well, with images of
Carey Mulligan looking sultry in lilac and furs already released. But if all the effort to
dress for high society in the 1920s doesn’t appeal, you could always go for a more
reliable look and shop for Levi jeans, meaning you can enjoy your trip to the cinema
in comfort.....

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