Firmoo glasses - review

A few days ago i received an email from firmoo .
Firmoo is an online, reputable glasses store. 
They asked me if i want to try their sunglasses and 
eyeglasses. So i did it, and i really fell in love with these glasses :  

My eyeglasses are so cute. I loved the shape and the combination of black and blue. 
The ordering process was simple, i put the required details and information and i placed my order.
I found the site so easy to navigate. If you are not sure about the shape, you can upload your photo
 and you will see how you'll look with your glasses on. 

 The second pair is black. I have many sunglasses but not black. 
So it was time to try one pair.
 I really like them, especially  the shape and the golden details!!

So, what do you think? Do you like them?
Don't forget to try the first -pair-free-program here . 
You can order your first pair free to try them out, and you just need 
to pay only shipping. How cool is that?


Danica Stark said...

 So lovely!

Danica Stark

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Anonymous said...

otan anevazeis ti foto sto site gia na deis an sou pane ta gyalia leei choose your pd. ti einai to pd?
euxaristw prokatavolika!

tonia fashion tour said...

Είναι η απόσταση των κόρων των ματιών σου μεταξύ τους!
Δες εδώ : http://www.stingyspecs.com.au/what-is-PD.html

Anonymous said...

www se euxaristw poly poly gia tin apandisi agapiti tonia!! kai gia to link! me voithises poly!!
Tha ithela na se rotisw kai kati teleutaio!!
Genika to gyali san skeletos einai kali i poiotita tou sigekrimenou i einai plastikoura???? Thelw na parw kainourio zeugari kai tha ithela na mou peis ti gnwmi sou gia to sigekrimeno skeleto pou pires! euxaristw prokatavolika!

tonia fashion tour said...

Kαι εγώ αυτό το άγχος είχα!!
Αλλά ειδικά τα γυαλιά μυωπίας είναι πολύ καλής ποιότητας!!Καθόλου ψεύτικα!!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Se eyxaristw poly poy elises tis apories mou! Tha ta parageilw opwsdipote!!! Eisai poly kali kai ppoly glykia! Filakia!

Vasiliki Rits said...

Τα μεταφορικά πόσο σου κόστισαν όμορφη;